Covid-19 | Food Safety

At Goodly Eating, we take food safety very seriously, especially during this Covid pandemic. We are aware that this concern will be in everyone’s mind. For this reason, we are extra vigilant about food safety and overall the environment where food is being prepared.

All our staff members have received training and are continuously learning how to handle food effectively to avoid contamination. We wear facemask at all times and wear gloves when handling food. Furthermore, staff members are reminded to ensure they don’t report to work when experiencing Covid symptoms.

In addition, customers have an option to receive contactless delivery.

Below is a detailed explanation of how we make food safety our number one priority.


Increasing sanitation of food prep area, delivery insulated bags, door handles, counters, and more after every task.


All employees must wash their hands after every task or as much as needed, and when handling different type of food. Delivery drivers wash their hands before and after every delivery and have easy access to hand sanitizer.

Safe Food Handling

Food is prepared according to the requirements of food safe handling guidelines. Served the food in the containers and refrigerate it to remain in a safe temperature. Your meals are then carefully packed in our clean insulated bags and deliver to you.

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